Please read carefully, registration and payment to participate in the Te Waitere MTB Classic (this event) is acceptance that this waiver has been read and understood in full. For participants under the age of 18 years of age a parent or guardian must complete the registration.


1.1       I agree to comply with all the rules and directions of event officials and their personnel

2.1       My accepted entry will not be transferred to another entrant

3.1       I understand that refund policies are as stated below and on the website and are not negotiable:

            3.1.1    I hereby agree that in the case of this events cancellation or course change, due to extreme inclement weather or other incidents outside the organisers control (at the discretion of event officials); my fee shall be non-refundable.

            3.1.2    I understand if I withdraw from this event my entry shall be non-refundable.

4.1       The ride bib must be attached to the bicycle handle bars and must be permanently and fully visible throughout the entire race.

5.1       I understand that if I do not have the correct compulsory gear on me throughout this event, as notified to me in the week prior to this event, I will not be permitted to participate.

5.2       I understand that if I do not have clean equipment that has been checked by an official, I will not be permitted to participate.

6.1       I understand there are age restrictions to be eligible to enter.

6.2       I understand that if I have a child with me on the trails or at the event, I am responsible for that child at all times. This includes but not limited to ensuring that the child safely completes the event they are entered in.

7.1       I understand that taking part in this event involves riding on rugged trails that are marked to show the way. The hazards may include but not limited to: challenging terrain, rocks, roots, adjacent tidal waterways, creek crossings, motor vehicle traffic, slippery surfaces, uprooted fencing wires, loose rocks, steep terrain, livestock, weather conditions, heat exhaustion, hypothermia, actions of spectators, other competitors, event volunteers and the event organisers personnel. I agree that in order to participate in this event I must listen to and follow instructions given during the race briefing.

7.2       I will remain within 5m of course markers at all times.

8.1       Stock hazards: Courses enter multiple working farms. All steps have been taken to ensure all stock will be cleared from the riding tracks prior to the event starting, however stock may wander on to the track during the event. I agree to follow instructions given to me regarding how to behave around animals.

8.2       I respect the wishes of landowners and acknowledge I will be entering private property as part of this event.

9.1       I will not litter on any part of the courses

9.2       Smoking is not permitted at any of the checkpoints or along the trails at any time.

9.3       I will be drug and alcohol free for this event.

10.1     The Te Waitere MTB Classic is a physically challenging event and participation in it presents medical risks, some that can be serious.

11.1     Participation in this event is at the participant’s own risk. Event organisers have first aiders at various points along the courses, the inaccessibility of some of the trails will make it difficult or impossible for medical assistance to reach you immediately.

11.2     I agree to allow event medical staff to treat me as they see fit.

11.3     In the event that a participant requires emergency evacuation by ground or air (e.g. helicopter, ambulance etc), the rider assumes all financial obligations connected with this service. Event management is not responsible for any debts incurred.

12.1     I hereby attest and verify that I am physically fit and have sufficient experience for this event.

13.1     I understand and agree that situations may arise during the event, which may be beyond the immediate control of the officials or organisers and I must continually participate in a manner that does not endanger either myself or others.

13.2     I accept that I may be pulled from the course at any time with the discretion of event staff primarily, but not limited to, safety reasons.

14.1     Any participant who is unable to finish the event must inform the nearest event staff or course marshal of their decision to withdraw and make sure their ride number is recorded, or text the Safety or Operations manager (see rear of ride bib for phone numbers)

14.2     Participants who leave the course/event without informing staff of their ride number will be classified as “missing”. The participant will be contacted on their mobile phone and their emergency contact will be called. If there is no response from either party or the emergency contact does not know your whereabouts, a search will be deployed. Any search related costs will be charge to the participant.

15.1     I hereby acknowledge this waiver, release and indemnity and discharge all persons, corporations, associations and bodies involved or otherwise engaged in promoting or staging the event and their servants, agents, representatives, officers and employees. This includes but not limited to the various committees, members, and employees of all independent contracted suppliers to the event, local councils and districts and their respective officers, directors, employees, independent contractors, representatives, agents, volunteers, event organisers and sponsors whether or not the loss, injury or damage to property or person is attributed to the act or neglect of any of them.

16.1     Neither the organisers, the sponsors nor other parties associated with the event shall have any responsibility, financial or otherwise for any incident that might arise, whether or not by negligence which results in any direct or indirect loss or damage to property, injury or death that may be sustained by me or any other party directly or indirectly associated with me, from my intended or actual participation in the event or it’s related activities.

17.1     I authorize my name, voice, picture and information on the entry form to be used without payment to me in any broadcast, telecast, promotion, advertising or any other way pursuant to the Privacy Act 1993.


I have read this waiver and understand the information regarding this event and understand that I participate in this event at my own risk.

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